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11.04.2016 | Publications

Nature Comm. article on solid-solid phase transitions via melting

This Nat. Comm. article presents experimental evidence for a solid-solid phase transition via the formation of a metastable liquid in a metallic glass system. It provides further insight into phase transition theory and may also be of great importance for the understanding of new processing techniques where rapid cooling and heating are applied (e.g. 3D printing of metals). Read more 

13.10.2015 | Publications

Phys. Rev. Lett. article on “order in disordered materials”

Icosahedral short-range order (SRO) often dominates the structure and thus the properties of metallic glasses. This Phys. Rev. Lett. article now clarifies via MD simulations how such icosahedral SRO influences glass formation and mechanical properties. Read more 

18.03.2015 | Publications

Feature article on shear-band dynamics in Advanced Functional Materials

This Adv. Funct. Mater. article summarizes our research over the last decade involving in-situ analysis of shear-band dynamics during straining experiments. It discusses the various stages of shear banding together with the extended time and length scales involved, also in the more general context of disordered materials. Read more 

06.06.2014 | Publications

Phys. Rev. Lett. article on the control of precipitation aging in Al6000 alloys

This Phys. Rev. Lett. article describes how precipitation aging can be controlled in AlMgSi alloys via a part-per-million addition of Sn solutes, and explains via thermodynamic modeling and DFT calculations that this control of aging is due to vacancy diffusion which can be tuned by the Sn solutes. This “diffusion on demand” principle has great scientific and technological ramifications. Read more 

25.10.2011 | Publications

Phys. Rev. Lett. article on shear-band initiation in metallic glasses

This Phys. Rev. Lett. article shows via in-situ acoustic emission monitoring that shear-band initiation results from a softening mechanism by local structural dilatation with volume changes of a few percent only. Because these are typical values of excess free volume in the undercooled liquid region near T g , the onset of plasticity is attributed to a “stress-induced glass transition”. Read more 

27.07.2011 | Publications

Phys. Rev. Lett. article on unusual magnetization jumps in mixed-spin oxide systems

This Phys. Rev. Lett. article describes the low-temperature freezing dynamics of the hemo-ilmenite mixed-spin oxide system. Above the Fe(III) percolation threshold unusual magnetic jumps occur at low temperatures (< 3 K), which is explained by a layerwise partitioning resulting from strong exchange and superexchange interactions that generate a collective rotation of the magnetic moments within this quasistochastic system. Read more 

27.09.2009 | Publications

Nature Materials article on MgZnCa glasses for biodegradable implant applications

This Nat. Mater. article presents the development and characterization of a new class of biodegradable MgZnCa glasses with tailorable corrosion properties, which result from an extended solubility of Zn in the amorphous structure generating a passivating ZnO layer. Apart from great scientific ramifications, these properties together with high mechanical strength and adequate tissue healing reported in in-vivo tests render these materials ideal candidates for temporary implants Read more 

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