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Seminar Advanced Materials Science (327-0711-00L)

Spring Semester 2017

Mondays, 4-6 pm, HCI J 492


Lecturer and Title


Dr. Katharine Jensen, Soft and Living Materials, ETH Zürich

Interfaces and mechanics of soft materials (at 2 pm!)


Dr. Robin Schäublin, LMPT, ETH Zürich

On the origin of primary ½ a0 <111> and a0 <100> loops in irradiated Fe(Cr) alloys


Kai von Petersdorff-Campen, LMPT, ETH Zürich

Analysis of corrosion products of biodegradable Mg–Zn–Ca alloys as a function of their microstructure


Dr. Reto Giannini, Frei Patent Attorneys, Zürich

Essentials for patent applications: universities and start-ups


So Young Jekal, PSI and LMPT, ETH Zürich

Annealing time and temperature-dependent local structure of Cu–Zr alloys


Fabian Haag, LMPT, ETH Zürich

Basic and applied research questions in bulk metallic glass casting


Andreas Hagmann, LMPT, ETH Zürich

Microstructure and magnetic properties of modified Sm–Co magnets


Leonardo Pierobon, LMPT, ETH Zürich

Breakdown of skyrmion lattices and single skyrmion annihilation


Dr. Michalis Charilaou, LMPT, ETH Zürich

Ferromagnetic resonance in magnetotactic bacteria

Lukas Koch, LMPT, ETH Zürich

Magnetic properties of Sm–Co–Fe alloys: substitution of Co with Fe

29.05 Master’s and Bachelor’s Students Talks (Mini-Symposium)

Seminar Advanced Materials Science (327-0711-00L)

Autumn Semester 2016

Mondays, 4-6 pm, HCI J 492

Date Lecturer and Title

Lukas Jauer, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT

‘How can we tailor selective laser melting to our specific demands? Selected research topics at Fraunhofer ILT’


Nicole Schai, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘A new design strategy for porous ordered Mg-scaffolds: development and characterization’


Daniel Widner, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘Computational design of a new counter-gravity casting setup’


Dr. Karl Shamlaye, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘A showcase of novel metallic glasses designed at LMPT’


Dr. Güven Kurtuldu, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘Metastable phase formation studies using Fast Differential Scanning Calorimetry’


Dr. Leopold Berger, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘Magnesium-based alloys for biomedical applications’


Bachelor’s and Master’s Students Talks (Mini-Symposium)


Dimitrios Koulialias, Institute of Geophysics and LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘Emergence of additional rotational symmetry: An example on monoclinic pyrrhotite Fe1-xS across its low-temperature transition’


Fabian Haag, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘Insights into critical cooling rate using high-speed IR monitoring and Fast DSC’


Martina Cihova, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘MgZnCa-lean alloys for biodegradable osteosynthesis’


Dr. Robin Schäublin, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘On the origin of primary dislocation loops in irradiated Fe(Cr)’


Dr. Michalis Charilaou, LMPT, ETH Zürich

‘Spin textures in nanostructures”

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