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Phase relations in Fe–Ni–Ti and Fe–Ni–Ti–Al systems

Intermetallics, for example Fe–Ni–Ti aluminides, possess many attractive structural and functional properties. The Fe–Ni–Ti system is important because of its relevance to various materials, ranging from steels and Ni-based superalloys to alloyed aluminides, and from Ti-based corrosion-resistant alloys to shape-memory alloys and amorphous materials. Fe–Ni–Ti is also a sub-system of the Fe–Ni–Ti–Al quaternary system, which is the core system of the COST action ‘Thermodynamics of alloyed aluminides’. A reliable knowledge of phase diagrams and the creation of a thermodynamic database for modelling would be of great importance for further development of these novel materials.

Primary objectives of this project are a more complete description of the ternary Fe–Ni–Ti system, and a screening of the quaternary Fe–Ni–Ti aluminide system using the diffusion couple technique and additional individual alloys. The latter should provide a basis for further investigation of the quaternary Fe–Ni–Ti–Al system in collaboration with other groups within the European COST action.


Fig. 1. Examples of diffusion multiples between pure metals and/or alloys like TiAl/NiAl/FeAl produced to investigate phase relations in the quaternary Fe– Ni–Ti–Al system.

(a) (b)

Fig. 2. SEM images of the diffusion multiples after annealing at 1000°C. (a) Interface between Al2FeNi, TiAl and Ti, and (b) interface between NiTi2 and Fe.


Ph.D. thesis of Liliana Duarte (2005 - 2009)

(External Ph.D. student working at EMPA Dübendorf)


Recent publications:

- L. I. Duarte, U. E. Klotz, C. Leinenbach, M. Palm, F. Stein, J. F. Löffler, 'Experimental study of the Fe–Ni–Ti system', Intermetallics 18 (2010) 374 – 384.


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